Definition Of Logistics

Coordinations is commonly the nitty gritty association and execution of a perplexing activity. In a general negotiating prudence, coordinations is the administration of the progression of things between the purpose of starting point and the purpose of utilization to meet necessities of clients or enterprises. The assets oversaw in coordinations may incorporate substantial merchandise, for example, materials, gear, and supplies, just as nourishment and other consumable things. The coordinations of physical things for the most part includes the mix of data stream, materials taking care of, generation, bundling, stock, transportation, warehousing, and regularly security.

In military science, coordinations is worried about keeping up armed force supply lines while upsetting those of the adversary, since a furnished power without assets and transportation is vulnerable. Military coordinations was at that point polished in the old world and as current military have a noteworthy requirement for coordinations arrangements, propelled executions have been created. In military coordinations, coordinations officials oversee how and when to move assets to the spots they are required.

Coordinations the executives is the piece of inventory network the board that plans, actualizes, and controls the proficient, successful forward, and turn around stream and capacity of merchandise, benefits, and related data between purpose of cause and purpose of utilization to meet client’s prerequisites. The multifaceted nature of coordinations can be demonstrated, examined, pictured, and advanced by committed reenactment programming. The minimization of the utilization of assets is a typical inspiration in all coordinations fields. An expert working in the field of coordinations the executives is known as a logistician.

Coordinations Logistics and fields

Inbound coordinations is one of the essential procedures of coordinations focusing on buying and masterminding the inbound development of materials, parts, or incomplete stock from providers to assembling or get together plants, distribution centers, or retail locations.

Outbound coordinations is the procedure identified with the capacity and development of the last item and the related data streams from the finish of the generation line to the end client.

Acquisition coordinations comprises of exercises, for example, statistical surveying, necessities arranging, settle on or-purchase choices, provider the executives, requesting, and request controlling. The objectives in obtainment coordinations may be opposing: boosting productivity by focusing on center abilities, redistributing while at the same time keeping up the self-sufficiency of the organization, or limiting acquirement costs while expanding security inside the inventory procedure.

Advance Logistics comprises of the exercises required to set up or set up an arrangement for coordinations exercises to happen.

Appropriation coordinations has, as principle undertakings, the conveyance of the completed items to the client. It comprises of request preparing, warehousing, and transportation. Dispersion coordinations is vital on the grounds that the time, spot, and amount of generation contrasts with the time, spot, and amount of utilization.

Transfer coordinations has as its primary capacity to diminish coordinations cost(s) and upgrade service(s) identified with the transfer of waste delivered during the activity of a business.

Turn around coordinations indicates each one of those tasks identified with the reuse of items and materials. The switch coordinations procedure incorporates the administration and the closeout of surpluses, just as items being come back to merchants from purchasers. Invert coordinations represents all activities identified with the reuse of items and materials. It is “the way toward arranging, actualizing, and controlling the productive, financially savvy stream of crude materials, in-process stock, completed merchandise and related data from the purpose of utilization to the point of beginning to recover esteem or legitimate transfer. All the more unequivocally, turn around coordinations is the way toward moving merchandise from their regular last goal to catch esteem, or appropriate transfer. Something contrary to turn around coordinations is forward coordinations.”

Green Logistics portrays all endeavors to quantify and limit the environmental effect of coordinations exercises. This incorporates all exercises of the forward and turn around streams. This can be accomplished through multi-purpose cargo transport, way streamlining, vehicle immersion and city coordinations.

Smash Logistics (see additionally Logistic building) consolidates both business coordinations and military coordinations since it is worried about profoundly confused mechanical frameworks for which Reliability, Availability and Maintainability are basic, ex: weapon frameworks and military supercomputers.

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Resource Control Logistics: organizations in the retail channels, both sorted out retailers and providers, regularly send resources required for the showcase, conservation, advancement of their items. A few models are coolers, stands, show screens, regular hardware, publication stands and casings.

Development Logistics is known to humankind since antiquated occasions. As the different human developments attempted to manufacture the most ideal works of development for living and security. Presently the development coordinations rose as fundamental piece of development. In the previous couple of years development coordinations has risen as an alternate field of information and concentrate inside the subject of production network the board and coordinations.

Advanced coordinations is driven by another age of online, endeavor coordinations applications that empower joint effort and improvement, utilizing a focal coordinations data spine that gives perceivability over the venture and broadened inventory network.

Abu Bakr the first Khalifa of the Muslims

Abu Bakr the first Khalifa of the Muslims

Abu bakr was the child of abu qahafa, and made his living as a trader in Makkah. He acknowledged Islam after Khadija, Ali ibn Abi Talib, and Zayd receptacle Haritha.

It is said that Abu Bakr gave more material help to Muhammad than any other individual. In Makkah, he liberated numerous slaves however there is no proof that he gave any assistance to Muhammad. Muhammad, obviously, did not need any assistance from Abu Bakr or from any other individual, however at one time in Makkah, his tribe, the Banu Hashim, was in a condition of attack for a long time, and was in incredible trouble.

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There is no proof that Abu Bakr made any endeavor to mitigate the misery of the ambushed group however there is proof that few unbelievers carried fundamental supplies to it, and they did as such at grave danger to their very own lives.

At the point when Muhammad was prepared to move from Makkah to Yathrib, Abu Bakr offered him a camel. However, Muhammad wouldn’t ride the camel without paying its cost. First he paid the cost of the camel to Abu Bakr, and after that he rode it.

Abu Bakr went with Muhammad in the adventure, and was with him in the cavern.

Abu Bakr’s little girl, Ayesha, was hitched to Muhammad, and she was one of his numerous spouses in Medina.

Dr. Montgomery Watt writes in his article on Abu Bakr in the Encyclopedia Britannia, Vol. I, page 54 (1973), as pursues:

“Prior to the Hegira (Mohammed’s movement from Mecca to Medina, A.D. 622), he (Abu Bakr) was plainly set apart out as second to Mohammed by the last’s prearranged engagement to his young little girl ‘A’isha and by Abu Bakr’s being Mohammed’s sidekick on the adventure to Medina.”

As per this article, these then were the two basic capabilities of Abu Bakr to turn into the “second” to Muhammad, viz. (1) his girl was hitched to Muhammad, and (2) he went with Muhammad from Makkah to Medina!

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Are the heads of states and pioneers of countries picked based on capabilities like these? In the event that they are, at that point Abu Bakr had no less than sixteen contenders for the royal position of Arabia. There were at any rate sixteen other men whose little girls were hitched to Muhammad at different occasions; one of them was Abu Sufyan himself, and two of them were Jews.

The second contention in this article is no less “intense” than the first. As indicated by this contention, Abu Bakr turned into the leader of the province of Medina on the grounds that quite a long time ago he went with Muhammad starting with one city then onto the next – a genuinely astounding activity in “logical rationale.”

In Makkah, the Prophet had made Abu Bakr the “sibling” of Umar canister al-Khattab; in Medina, he made him the “sibling” of Kharja receptacle Zayd.

At the attack of Khyber, Abu Bakr was given the standard, and he drove troops to catch the fortification yet without progress.

In the battle of Dhat es-Salasil, Muhammad Mustafa sent Abu Bakr with 200 different positions under the order of Abu Obaida container al-Jarrah to fortify the troops of Amr canister Aas. The last took order of the considerable number of troops. Abu Bakr, subsequently, served two experts in a similar crusade – first Abu Obaida and after that Amr receptacle Aas.

There were numerous fights and crusades of Islam however there is no proof that Abu Bakr ever separated himself in any of them.

In the Syrian battle, the Apostle of God put Abu Bakr under the direction of Usama canister Zayd receptacle Haritha.

The Apostle never selected Abu Bakr to any situation of power and obligation, common or military. When he sent him to Makkah as the pioneer of a gathering of explorers to lead the customs of Hajj (journey). Be that as it may, after Abu Bakr’s flight, the Apostle sent Ali ibn Abi Talib to proclaim, in Makkah, the ninth part of Al-Qur’an al-Majid (Surah Bara’ah or Immunity), the recently uncovered message from Heaven. Abu Bakr was not permitted to declare it. Ali proclaimed it.

The main other refinement of Abu Bakr was that just before the passing of the Apostle, he drove the open petitions.

Montgomery Watt

From 622 to 632 he (Abu Bakr) was Mohammed’s central guide, however had no unmistakable open capacities with the exception of that he led the journey to Mecca in 631, and drove the open petitions in Medina during Mohammed’s last ailment. (Reference book Britannia, Vol. I, page 54, 1973)

A few essayists have guaranteed that Abu Bakr had a place with the “primary Muslim family.” Probably, it implies that all individuals from his family acknowledged Islam before all individuals from some other family did. Be that as it may, if the child and the dad of a man are individuals from his family, at that point this case can’t yet be false.

Abu Bakr’s child, Abdur Rahman, battled against the Prophet of Islam in the clash of Badr. It is said that when he tested the Muslims, Abu Bakr himself needed to draw in him in a duel yet was not permitted to do as such by the Prophet.

Abu Bakr’s dad, Abu Qahafa, lived in Makkah. He didn’t acknowledge Islam until Makkah gave up to the Prophet in A.D. 630. Abu Bakr himself is said to have brought him before the Prophet, and it was at exactly that point that he acknowledged Islam.

The family all individuals from which acknowledged Islam before some other family, was the Yasir family. Yasir, his significant other, and their child, Ammar, every one of the three acknowledged Islam at the same time, and they were among the most punctual Muslims.

At the point when Muhammad Mustafa, the Messenger of God, kicked the bucket, Abu Bakr (and Umar) did not go to his burial service. They went first to the toilet of Saqifa, and afterward to the Great Mosque, to get and to tally their votes. Meanwhile, Muhammad had been covered.

At the point when Abu Bakr assumed responsibility for the administration, he didn’t enable the Muslims to watch a time of grieving at the demise of their Prophet. There was neither a state burial service for Muhammad Mustafa, the Last and the Greatest Messenger of God on Earth; nor there was any official or even non-official grieving over his destruction. It showed up as though his demise and his internment were matters of least significance in the mind of his own associates.

Apa Yang Patut Lakukan Sebelum Beli Kereta

Membeli kereta yang baru atau terpakai boleh menjadi pengalaman menakutkan.

Ramai jurujual kereta boleh memberi tekanan kepada anda untuk meninggalkan kenderaan dengan kenderaan yang dibeli, jadi penting anda bersenjata dengan maklumat tentang kereta yang anda minati, anggaran yang anda mampu, dan nilai perdagangan anda – jika anda mempunyai satu. Dengan butiran ini, anda mempunyai semua alat yang anda perlukan untuk berunding dengan betul.

Berikut adalah 10 tips dan strategi untuk memastikan anda mendapatkan kenderaan bermutu dengan harga terendah.

kereta sewa murah kl

Pikirkan pembiayaan

Sebelum melawat mana-mana pengedar, mempunyai rasa apa jenis deposit yang anda boleh letakkan dan bayaran bulanan yang anda mampu. Ia juga membantu melakukan beberapa penyelidikan mengenai pinjaman auto yang ada untuk mendapatkan rasa apa yang anda layak. Atau cuba perkhidmatan seperti AutoGravity, yang membolehkan anda memilih kadar dan syarat yang sesuai dengan anggaran anda dan kemudian dapatkan tawaran dari pemberi pinjaman.

Semak skor kredit anda

Mengetahui nilai kredit anda juga boleh membantu. Seorang pegawai komunikasi terkenal dari BeenVerified, Justin Lavelle, berkata, “Mempunyai idea yang baik mengenai laporan kredit dan skor kredit anda dan kadar faedah yang ada dapat membantu anda merundingkan kesepakatan yang baik dan menyelamatkan ratusan, jika tidak ribuan, dolar.”

Kedai sekitar

Menyelidik kereta yang anda mungkin berminat sebelum anda menuju ke pengedar, daripada pergi tanpa bersedia. Untuk menentukan jenis kereta yang anda mahu, gunakan sumber seperti US News Best Cars, di mana anda boleh mencari apa-apa dari “kereta terbaik untuk keluarga” ke “kereta terpakai paling bawah 10k.” Sumber lain ialah Autotrader, yang boleh digunakan untuk mencari baru dan kereta terpakai di kawasan anda dengan membuat, model, harga, gaya badan dan banyak lagi.

Bandingkan harga

Lavelle juga menekankan mendapatkan maklumat harga terperinci terlebih dahulu: “Harga kereta di penjual yang berlainan dan gunakan perkhidmatan dalam talian untuk mendapatkan invois dan harga transaksi.” Alat yang boleh dipercayai ialah Kelley Blue Book.

Iklan : Mencari sewa kereta murah kl di kawasan anda ? Layari untuk keterangan lanjut

Gunakan alat penilaian kereta tapak untuk mengetahui MSRP dan invois peniaga kereta serta pelbagai harga yang boleh anda harapkan untuk dilihat di penjual. TrueCar juga berguna untuk digunakan. Anda boleh mencari dan meminta harga pada mana-mana membuat, model, atau tahun kereta.

Anda boleh mendapatkan panggilan telefon, e-mel, dan teks daripada peniaga dengan segera selepas itu, tetapi mempunyai maklumat dari penjual yang berlainan dapat membantu anda merundingkan harga. Anda juga harus melawat tapak peniaga untuk mencari tawaran rebat.

Risau nilai perdagangan anda

Sekiranya anda mempunyai dagangan, jangan tunggu penjual memberitahu anda apa yang bernilai. Pada Kelley Blue Book, anda boleh mendapatkan nilai yang lebih baik dari masa ke masa supaya anda tahu jika anda menerima tawaran yang baik. Atau cuba tawaran Tawaran Tunai Instan Kelley Blue, di mana peniaga akan memberikan harga yang terjamin untuk perdagangan, menghapuskan tawar-menawar yang rumit di pengedar.

Ujian pemacu potensi pembelian

Anda mungkin mahu lulus ujian memandu jika anda sudah biasa dengan pembuatan dan model tertentu, tetapi Lavelle mengesyorkan mengambil masa untuk melakukannya. “Adalah idea yang baik untuk memeriksa kereta dan memberikan ujian ujian yang baik untuk memastikan semua kerja dan tidak ada keciciran, keriting, atau kentut yang boleh menyebabkan sakit kepala selepas pembelian anda,” katanya.

Lihat sejarah kereta

Sebelum memilih pengedar untuk melawat, cari ulasan pengguna supaya anda boleh mengelakkan daripada mengalami pengalaman buruk. Walau bagaimanapun, Lavelle memberi amaran bahawa hanya kerana kereta yang terletak di tempat yang mempunyai reputasi yang baik dan ternilai tidak semestinya bermakna kereta itu bebas. Jadi dia mengesyorkan untuk menggali lebih mendalam, terutamanya untuk kereta terpakai. “Perkhidmatan seperti CARFAX mewakili bahawa mereka boleh memberitahu anda tentang kehidupan kereta dari pembelian pertama ke hadapan, supaya ia menjadi tempat yang baik untuk bermula,” katanya. Beliau juga mengesyorkan menyemak tajuk, yang boleh anda lakukan secara dalam talian melalui DMV.

Cari rekod pembaikan

Selain memeriksa sejarah pembaikan pada kereta tertentu yang anda minati, Autotrader menyarankan mencari rekod pembaikan dan model. “Semak penilaian kebolehpercayaan JD Power dan Consumer Reports untuk melihat sama ada kenderaan yang anda sedang mempertimbangkan dikenali sebagai yang boleh dipercayai,” kata tapak web tersebut. Ia juga mengesyorkan forum Internet dan perkataan mulut.

Iklan : Mencari kereta sewa kereta kl murah di kawasan anda ? Layari untuk keterangan lanjut

Spring untuk pemeriksaan

Autotrader juga mencadangkan kepada penjual yang anda perlukan pemeriksaan dari mekanik sebelum membeli untuk memastikan tidak ada masalah. “Walaupun seorang mekanik boleh mengenakan bayaran sebanyak $ 100 atau lebih untuk pemeriksaan semacam itu, ia boleh berbaloi jika ia menyelamatkan anda daripada beribu-ribu ringgit dalam pembaikan yang berpotensi,” katanya. Sesetengah penjual boleh cuba memecat pemeriksaan mekanik. Jangan berikan – penjual boleh menutup isu yang serius dengan kereta. Sekat pemeriksaan dilakukan, atau memikirkan semula pembelian anda.

Ketahui hak anda

Untuk mana-mana kereta baru atau yang digunakan, luangkan masa untuk mengenali pakej jaminan dan dasar pulangan. Adakah anda perlu menambah jaminan? Adakah terdapat undang-undang lemon di negara anda? Pada masa ini, terdapat hanya enam negeri yang mempunyai satu, jadi pastikan untuk memeriksa.

Membeli-belah untuk kereta boleh menjadi menakutkan, tetapi dengan penyelidikan dan persediaan yang betul, anda tidak akan mempunyai apa-apa jenis

Cara Gps Berfungsi Di Malaysia

Sistem Penentududukan Global (GPS) adalah sistem navigasi radio di seluruh dunia yang terbentuk daripada buruj 24 satelit dan stesen darat mereka. Sistem Penentududukan Global terutamanya dibiayai dan dikawal oleh Jabatan Pertahanan U.S. (DOD). Sistem ini pada mulanya direka untuk operasi U. S. ketenteraan. Tetapi hari ini, terdapat juga ramai pengguna awam GPS di seluruh dunia. Pengguna awam dibenarkan menggunakan Perkhidmatan Positioning Standard tanpa apa-apa jenis caj atau sekatan.

Penjejakan Sistem Penentududukan Global adalah satu kaedah untuk bekerja dengan tepat di mana sesuatu. Sebagai contoh, sistem penjejakan GPS boleh diletakkan di dalam kenderaan, di telefon bimbit, atau pada peranti GPS khas, yang boleh menjadi unit tetap atau mudah alih. GPS berfungsi dengan memberikan maklumat mengenai lokasi yang tepat. Ia juga boleh mengesan pergerakan kenderaan atau orang. Jadi, sebagai contoh, sistem pengesan GPS boleh digunakan oleh syarikat untuk memantau laluan dan kemajuan trak penghantaran, dan oleh ibu bapa untuk memeriksa lokasi anak mereka, atau untuk memantau aset bernilai tinggi dalam transit.

Sistem penjejakan GPS menggunakan rangkaian Global Satellite System (GNSS). Rangkaian ini menggabungkan pelbagai satelit yang menggunakan isyarat gelombang mikro yang dihantar ke peranti GPS untuk memberikan maklumat mengenai lokasi, kelajuan kenderaan, masa dan arah. Oleh itu, sistem penjejakan GPS berpotensi memberikan data navigasi masa nyata dan sejarah mengenai sebarang jenis perjalanan.

GPS menyediakan isyarat satelit khas, yang diproses oleh penerima. Penerima GPS ini bukan sahaja menjejaki lokasi yang tepat tetapi juga boleh mengira halaju dan masa. Posisi dapat dihitung dalam pandangan tiga dimensi dengan bantuan empat isyarat satelit GPS. Segmen Angkasa Sistem Kedudukan Global terdiri daripada 27 satelit GPS yang mengorbit bumi. Terdapat 24 satelit operasi dan 3 tambahan (sekiranya satu gagal) satelit yang bergerak mengelilingi Bumi setiap 12 jam dan menghantar isyarat radio dari ruang yang diterima oleh penerima GPS.

Kawalan Sistem Kedudukan terdiri daripada stesen pelacakan yang berlainan yang terletak di seluruh dunia. Stesen pemantauan ini membantu dalam mengesan isyarat dari satelit GPS yang terus mengorbit bumi. Kenderaan angkasa menghantar isyarat pembawa gelombang mikro. Pengguna Sistem Penentududukan Global mempunyai penerima GPS yang menukarkan isyarat satelit ini supaya seseorang dapat menganggarkan kedudukan, halaju dan waktu yang sebenarnya.

Operasi sistem ini adalah berdasarkan prinsip matematik yang mudah dipanggil trilateration. Trilateration terdapat dalam dua kategori: Trilateration 2-D dan Trilateration 3-D. Untuk membuat pengiraan matematik mudah, penerima GPS mesti tahu dua perkara. Mula-mula ia mesti tahu lokasi tempat itu akan dikesan oleh sekurang-kurangnya tiga satelit di atas tempat itu. Kedua, ia mesti mengetahui jarak antara tempat dan setiap Kenderaan Angkasa. Unit yang mempunyai pelbagai penerima yang mengambil isyarat daripada beberapa satelit GPS pada masa yang sama. Gelombang radio ini adalah tenaga elektromagnetik yang bergerak pada kelajuan cahaya.

Sistem pengesan GPS boleh berfungsi dengan pelbagai cara. Dari perspektif komersial, peranti GPS biasanya digunakan untuk merakam kedudukan kenderaan ketika mereka melakukan perjalanan mereka. Sesetengah sistem akan menyimpan data dalam sistem penjejakan GPS itu sendiri (dikenali sebagai penjejakan pasif) dan sesetengah menghantar maklumat ke pangkalan data atau sistem berpusat melalui modem dalam unit sistem GPS secara tetap (dikenali sebagai penjejakan aktif) atau 2- Jalan GPS.

Sistem pengesanan GPS pasif akan memantau lokasi dan akan menyimpan datanya dalam perjalanan berdasarkan jenis peristiwa tertentu. Jadi, sebagai contoh, sistem GPS jenis ini boleh log data seperti mana peranti telah mengembara dalam 12 jam yang lalu. Data yang disimpan pada sistem pengesan GPS semacam ini biasanya disimpan dalam ingatan dalaman atau pada kad memori, yang kemudiannya boleh dimuat turun ke komputer di kemudian hari untuk dianalisis. Dalam sesetengah kes, data boleh dihantar secara automatik untuk muat turun tanpa wayar pada titik / masa yang telah ditetapkan atau boleh diminta pada titik tertentu semasa perjalanan.

Sistem pengesanan GPS aktif juga dikenali sebagai sistem masa sebenar kerana kaedah ini secara automatik menghantar maklumat pada sistem GPS ke portal pengesanan pusat atau sistem dalam masa nyata seperti yang berlaku. Sistem semacam ini biasanya merupakan pilihan yang lebih baik untuk tujuan komersil seperti pengesanan atau pengawasan orang ramai, seperti kanak-kanak atau orang tua, kerana ia membolehkan pengasuh tahu dengan tepat di mana orang tersayang adalah, sama ada mereka tepat pada masanya dan sama ada mereka berada di mana mereka sepatutnya berada dalam perjalanan. Ini juga merupakan cara yang berguna untuk memantau tingkah laku pekerja kerana mereka menjalankan kerja mereka dan menyelaraskan proses dan prosedur dalaman untuk armada penghantaran.

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Zahid Gagal Dapat Pasport Untuk Umrah

KUALA LUMPUR: Mahkamah Tinggi hari ini menolak permohonan bekas timbalan perdana menteri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, yang berdepan 47 pertuduhan pengubahan wang haram, pecah amanah (CBT) dan rasuah, supaya pasportnya yang berada dalam simpanan mahkamah, dikembalikan untuk beliau mengerjakan umrah.

Selepas mendengar penghujahan daripada pihak pembelaan dan pendakwaan, Hakim Collin Lawrence Sequerah berkata sungguhpun mengerjakan umrah sangat digalakkan semasa Ramadan namun ia bukanlah wajib.

“Dalam pemahaman saya, tiada keperluan mendesak dan tiada kewajipan bagi pemohon untuk mengerjakan umrah. Sungguhpun pemohon telah mengerjakan umrah sejak 30 tahun lepas, keadaan yang berlaku sekarang sangat berbeza memandangkan beliau kini menghadapi pertuduhan yang pelbagai dan serius. Oleh itu, mahkamah menolak permohonan ini,” katanya.

Terdahulu, peguam Hisyam Teh Poh Teik, yang mewakili Zahid, berhujah anak guamnya perlu pergi ke Arab Saudi antara 9 Mei dan 3 Jun ini untuk mengerjakan umrah

Hisyam berkata anak guamnya tidak mempunyai niat lain kerana beliau seorang ahli Parlimen dan keluarganya juga tinggal di negara ini.

“Beliau akan kembalikan pasport itu kepada mahkamah pada hari berikutnya selepas beliau pulang ke negara ini,” katanya.

Zahid turut hadir di mahkamah.

Seorang lagi peguam, Ahmad Zaidi Zainal berkata anak guamnya tidak pernah gagal mengerjakan umrah sejak 30 tahun lepas terutamanya dalam bulan Ramadan.

Hakim: Jadi, adakah kamu mengatakan ia wajib?

Zaidi: Tidak…tapi sangat dituntut dalam Islam. Beliau tidak pernah gagal mengerjakan umrah sejak 30 tahun lepas.

Timbalan Pendakwa Raya Ahmad Sazilee Abdul Khairi membantah permohonan itu dengan mengatakan bukanlah keperluan mendesak bagi pemohon untuk mengerjakan umrah memandangkan pertuduhan yang dihadapinya sangat serius.

Terdahulu, mahkamah menetapkan 18, 20, 21, 22 November dan 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12,13 Disember untuk perbicaraan.

Pada 22 Mac, Hakim Sequerah menetapkan 18 hari untuk perbicaraan dari 8 Julai hingga 12 September.

Bagaimanapun, tarikh berkenaan dilapangkan untuk perbicaraan kes bekas perdana menteri Najib Razak, yang berdepan 25 pertuduhan rasuah dan pengubahan wang haram membabitkan dana 1MDB berjumlah RM2.28 bilion, yang dijadual bermula dari 19 Ogos hingga 2 minggu pertama November.

Pada 19 Oktober dan 14 Disember tahun lepas, Zahid mengaku tidak bersalah terhadap sejumlah 46 pertuduhan, terdiri daripada 11 pertuduhan CBT, 8 pertuduhan rasuah dan 27 pertuduhan pengubahan wang haram membabitkan berjuta-juta ringgit kepunyaan Yayasan Akalbudi.

Pada 20 Feb tahun ini, beliau didakwa atas 1 lagi pertuduhan CBT membabitkan RM260,000 milik Yayasan Akalbudi.

Setakat ini, beliau berdepan sejumlah 47 pertuduhan.

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Snappiest same day dispatch association Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang and Johor Bahru

We’re the snappiest On-Demand Courier Service Platforms that engages clients to make transport courses of action stunningly. We focus to move into a gigantic field of moment dispatch transport and upset common ace relationship by guaranteeing a greatest improvement time inside 3 hours.

Our get-together is consistently aggregating an anticipated and numerical examination stage to direct unlimited post usually inside Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Selangor, Penang and Johor Bahru.

What’s cool about our banner transport affiliations? You can live track and screen where your dispatch will be passed on. In like way, don’t weight and impact to utilize our dispatch relationship in Malaysia and download our dispatcher affiliations application now!

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Register and Login

Login to our booking transport association entry at work zone, tablet or even from your versatile. Get lively dispatch charges quote as the zones are entered. Figurings depend upon bit structure.

Make Jobs

Make Jobs by clicking “New Job” from the side menu by then enter your errand explicit pickup and advancement point. When you have finished off the booking subtleties you may outline your booking solicitation and backing once everything looks OK.

Get Matched

You will by then be joined to the page where we will utilize our “ZeptoPower” to discover you a “ZeptoPartner”. You could in like way make your next booking request while sitting tight for us to finish the interest.

We will tell you once we have discovered you a ZeptoPartner, and you may gain bit to begin the ground.

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Live Courier Tracking

We treasure reviling our customers through their own unique develop novel dashboard with the live dispatch following part that figures the running time and the area of the ZeptoPartner that is alloted to the headway request.

You may structure your time while following the dispatch transport honorably or maybe get yourself some espresso while sitting tight for the progression referencing to wrap up.

Mercedes Benz Malaysia

Sejarah Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz adalah sebuah kereta global Jerman dan sebuah bahagian dari Daimler AG. Jenama ini terkenal dengan kenderaan mewah, bas, jurulatih, dan trak. Ibu pejabatnya berada di Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. Nama pertama kali muncul pada tahun 1926 di bawah Daimler-Benz. Pada tahun 2018, Mercedes-Benz merupakan jenama kenderaan premium terbesar di dunia, dengan menjual 2.31 juta kereta penumpang.

Mercedes-Benz mengesan asal-usulnya kepada Mercedes-Benz Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft 1901 dan 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen Karl Benz, yang secara meluas dianggap sebagai kereta petrol bertenaga pertama. Slogan untuk jenama itu adalah “yang terbaik atau tidak”.


Mercedes-Benz mengesan asal-usulnya untuk mencipta kereta bertenaga petrol pertama Karl Benz, Benz Patent Motorwagen, dibiayai oleh Bertha Benz dan dipatenkan pada Januari 1886, dan Gottlieb Daimler dan jurutera Wilhelm Maybach yang menukar stagecoach dengan penambahan petrol enjin pada tahun itu. Kereta Mercedes pertama kali dipasarkan pada tahun 1901 oleh Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (Daimler Motors Corporation).

Emil Jellinek, usahawan automobil Austria yang bekerja dengan DMG, mencipta jenama pada tahun 1902, menamakan 190 tahun Mercedes 35 hp selepas anak perempuannya, Mercedes Jellinek. Jellinek adalah ahli perniagaan dan strategi pemasaran yang mempromosikan kereta Daimler yang “tidak bermaya” di kalangan kalangan masyarakat yang tertinggi di rumah angkatnya, yang pada masa itu adalah tempat pertemuan untuk “Haute Volée” Perancis dan Eropah, terutama pada musim sejuk. Pelanggannya termasuk keluarga Rothschild dan personaliti terkenal lain. Tetapi rancangan Jellinek pergi jauh: seawal tahun 1901, dia menjual kereta Mercedes di Dunia Baru, termasuk jutawan AS Rockefeller, Astor, Morgan dan Taylor. Pada perlumbaan di Nice pada tahun 1899, Jellinek memandu dengan nama samaran “Monsieur Mercédès”, cara menyembunyikan nama sebenar pesaing seperti biasa dan sangat kerap dilakukan pada masa itu. Perlumbaan itu adalah sebagai jam kelahiran jenama Mercedes-Benz. Pada tahun 1901, nama “Mercedes” telah didaftarkan oleh Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) di seluruh dunia sebagai tanda dagangan yang dilindungi. Kereta nama jenama pertama Mercedes-Benz dihasilkan pada tahun 1926, berikutan penggabungan syarikat-syarikat Karl Benz dan Gottlieb Daimler ke syarikat Daimler-Benz pada 28 Jun pada tahun yang sama.

Gottlieb Daimler dilahirkan pada 17 Mac 1834 di Schorndorf. Selepas berlatih sebagai tukang sulap dan bekerja di Perancis, beliau menghadiri Sekolah Politeknik Stuttgart dari tahun 1857 hingga 1859. Selepas menyelesaikan pelbagai aktiviti teknikal di Perancis dan England, beliau mula bekerja sebagai pelukis di Geislingen pada tahun 1862. Pada akhir tahun 1863, dia telah dilantik sebagai bengkel inspektor di kilang alat mesin di Reutlingen, di mana beliau bertemu dengan Wilhelm Maybach pada tahun 1865.

Sepanjang tahun 1930-an, Mercedes-Benz menghasilkan model 770, sebuah kereta yang popular semasa tempoh Nazi Jerman. Adolf Hitler dikenali telah memacu kereta ini semasa masa berkuasa, dengan kaca depan peluru. Kebanyakan model yang masih hidup telah dijual di lelongan kepada pembeli swasta. Salah seorang daripada mereka kini dipamerkan di Muzium Perang di Ottawa, Ontario. Popemobile pontif sering digunakan dari Mercedes-Benz. Pada tahun 1944, 46,000 buruh paksa digunakan di kilang-kilang Daimler-Benz untuk memperkuat usaha perang Nazi. Syarikat kemudian membayar $ 12 juta dalam pembayaran ganti rugi kepada keluarga buruh. Mercedes-Benz telah memperkenalkan banyak inovasi teknologi dan keselamatan yang kemudian menjadi biasa dalam kenderaan lain. Mercedes-Benz adalah salah satu jenama automotif yang terkenal dan mapan di dunia.

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Honda Civic Malaysia

Honda Civic in Malaysia

The Honda Civic is a line of vehicles conveyed by Honda. At initial a subcompact, the Civic has experienced a few generational changes, finding the opportunity to be both more noteworthy and dynamically upscale, moving into the conventionalist vehicle part. EPA rules for vehicle measure class stipulate a vehicle having joined pilgrim and payload room of 110 to 119.9 cubic feet (3,110 to 3,400 L) is viewed as a medium size vehicle, and everything considered the tenth time frame Civic vehicle is in truth a little end sensible size vehicle, despite the way that paying little mind to all that it fights in the decreased class. The Civic roadster is so far mulled over a humbler vehicle. The Civic at present falls between the Honda Fit and Accord.

The fundamental Civic was shown in July 1972 as a two-section delineate, trailed by a three-entryway hatchback that September. With a 1169 cc transverse motor and front-wheel drive like the British Mini, the vehicle gave inconceivable inside space paying little personality to when all is said in done little estimations. At first getting a notoriety for being eco-pleasing, solid, and typically particularly orchestrated, later emphasess have wound up being known for execution and vitality, particularly the Civic Type R, Civic VTi, Civic GTi and Civic SiR/Si.

The Civic has been over and over rebadged for generally advertises, and filled in as the clarification behind the Honda CR-X, the Honda CR-X del Sol, the Concerto, the primary Prelude, the Civic Shuttle (later to change into the Orthia), and the CR-V.

In Japan, as clients constantly moved to minivans and reduced vehicles like the Fit, age of the non-cream Civic finished in August 2010 when it never again consented to Japanese government estimation administers in the width class. Regardless, the Civic was reintroduced into the Japanese market with the dispatch of the tenth-age show in 2017.

Honda Civic Tenth period (2016– present)

The tenth time Civic depends upon an all-new Honda humbler in general stage. The vehicle was first divulged in September 2015, for the 2016 model year.

The tenth-age Civic highlights another fastback outside structure, with the back C-portion spouting into the posterior. The front of the vehicle consolidates another chrome wing structure that streams over the most raised motivation behind the headlamps.

Inside the new Civic in like manner highlights basic game plan changes. Not in any manner like the split bi-level speedometer and tachometer of its messenger, the EX or dynamically trim components of the tenth time Civic joins these instruments into an absolutely customisable, all electronic “Driver Information Interface” joining a 7-inch LCD screen masterminded really behind the organizing bargain the driver’s unmistakable pathway. The LX trim instrumentation incorporates a broad essential tachometer that encompasses a pushed speedometer and other computerized appears.

Metro assortments combine vehicle, vehicle, five-section hatchback, Si trims, and Type-R models.

Honda claims the tenth time Civic Si trim (which is the eighth time of Civic to offer a Si trim estimation) achieves 60mph from 0mph in 7.0 seconds, in any case Car&Driver had the capacity to bring a 2017 Civic Si Coupe to 60mph in 6.3 seconds.

The 2017 Civic Si besides joins versatile dampers, cementing of other suspension parts, including mounting focuses, against move bars, springs and bushings.

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Security Guard

A guardian (or close assurance officer) is a sort of security gatekeeper, or government law authorization officer, or trooper who ensures an individual or a gathering of individuals—typically high-positioning open authorities or officers, rich individuals, and famous people—from risk: by and large burglary, ambush, grabbing, death, provocation, loss of secret data, dangers, or other criminal offenses. The work force group that ensures a VIP is regularly alluded to as the VIP’s security detail.

security guard

Most vital open figures, for example, heads of state, heads of government, and governors are ensured by a few protectors or by a group of guardians from an administration organization, security powers, or police powers

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Various prominent VIPs and CEOs likewise use protectors. In certain nations or locales, affluent individuals may have a guardian when they travel. Now and again, the security faculty utilize a heavily clad vehicle, which ensures them and the VIP.

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Well known confusions

The job of protectors is frequently misconstrued by people in general, on the grounds that the ordinary layman’s solitary presentation to body-guarding is typically in very sensationalized activity film delineations of the calling, in which guardians are portrayed in firefights with assailants. Rather than the energizing way of life delineated on the film screen, the job of a genuine protector is significantly more unremarkable: it comprises primarily of arranging courses, pre-looking rooms and structures where the customer will visit, investigating the foundation of individuals that will have contact with the customer, seeking vehicles, and mindfully escorting the customer on their everyday exercises.

Breakdown of obligations

The job of a protector relies upon a few elements. To start with, it relies upon the job of a given protector in a nearby insurance group. A guardian can be a driver-protector, a nearby security officer (who escorts the customer), or part of a subordinate unit that offers help, for example, IED discovery, electronic “bug” identification, counter-marksman observing, pre-looking offices, and foundation checking individuals who will have contact with the customer. Second, the job of a guardian relies upon the dimension of hazard that the customer faces. A protector ensuring a customer at high danger of death will concentrate on altogether different jobs (e.g., checking vehicles for IED gadgets, bombs, looking for potential shooters, and so on.) than a guardian escorting a big name who is being stalked by forceful newspaper picture takers (e.g., the job will be to request that the picture takers keep up their separation and square the way of forceful cameramen). A few guardians have some expertise in the nearby quarter assurance of offspring of VIPs, to shield them from abducting or death.

security guard


Sometimes, protectors likewise drive their customers. Regularly, it isn’t adequate for a customer to be secured by a solitary driver-guardian, since this would imply that the protector would need to leave the vehicle unattended when they escort the customer by walking. On the off chance that the vehicle is left unattended, this can prompt a few dangers: a touchy gadget might be connected to the vehicle; an electronic “bug” might be appended to the vehicle; the vehicle might be undermined; or city leaving authorities may just tow away the vehicle or spot a wheel brace on the tire. In the event that leaving administrations tow away or debilitate the vehicle, at that point the guardian can’t utilize the vehicle to escape with the customer in the event that there is a security danger while the customer is at their gathering.

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The driver ought to be prepared in sly driving systems, for example, executing short-sweep swings to alter the course of the vehicle, fast cornering, etc. The vehicle utilized by the customer will normally be an extensive car with a low focal point of gravity and an amazing motor, for example, a Jaguar, BMW or Mercedes Benz. In certain nations, expansive trucks, for example, Suburbans are utilized for VIPs. At any rate, the vehicle ought to have ballistic glass in the windows, some kind of defensive layer fortification to shield the customer from gunfire, and a froth filled gas tank. “Run-punctured tires” (which have either very solid sidewalls or a strong filler to permit driving a restricted separation while level, ordinarily at decreased speed, without perpetual harm or peril) and shield insurance for the driver are likewise alluring.

The vehicle may likewise be outfitted with an extra battery; double foot-pedal controls, for example, those utilized by driving guidance organizations (in the event that the driver is injured or debilitated), a PA framework with an amplifier and a bull horn mounted outwardly of the vehicle, so the driver can offer directions to other guard vehicles or guardians who are by walking; shoot dousers inside the vehicle on the off chance that the vehicle is struck by an ignitable weapon, (for example, a Molotov mixed drink); a strengthened front and back guard, to empower the driver to slam assaulting vehicles; and extra mirrors, to give the driver a superior field of view. In Latin American nations, many protected autos will accompany an alarm and lights to use in circumstances were they have to escape puts rapidly. Distraction guards and vehicles are utilized to counteract following. In the occasion the escort holding the customer is undermined and trapped, bait guards can likewise go about as a support drive that can counter-assault a power that is assaulting the essential caravan. A few customers turn between habitations in various urban areas when going to open occasions or gatherings to avoid being followed home or to a private area.

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Weapons and weapon strategies

Contingent upon the laws in a guardian’s ward and on which sort of office or security administration they are in, protectors might be unarmed, outfitted with a less-deadly weapon, for example, a pepper splash, an expandable mallet, or a Taser (or a comparative kind immobilizer), or with a deadly weapon, for example, a handgun, or, on account of an administration guardian for a Secret Service-type organization, a machine gun. A few guardians, for example, those ensuring high positioning government authorities or those working in high hazard conditions, for example, battle regions may convey ambush rifles.

Notwithstanding these weapons, a guardian group may likewise have more master weapons to help them in keeping up the security of their central, for example, sharpshooter rifles and hostile to materiel rifles (for against expert rifleman insurance) or shotguns.

Receptacle Laden’s own security detail comprised of “bodyguards…personally chosen by him.” Their “arms stockpile included SAM-7 and Stinger rockets, AK-47s, RPGs, and PK assault rifles.”

Protectors that ensure high-hazard principals may wear body shield, for example, kevlar or earthenware vests. The protectors may likewise have other ballistic shields, for example, kevlar-fortified attachés or clipboards which, while seeming harmless, can be utilized to secure the key. The primary may likewise wear body covering in high-chance circumstances.

Counter-sharpshooter weapons and strategies

Group of protectors ensuring the then Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff amid her debut service.

For a nearby security officer, the essential strategy against expert rifleman assaults is cautious: abstain from presenting the chief to the danger of being discharged upon. This implies the main ought to in a perfect world be inside a defensively covered vehicle or a safe structure. Also, when the foremost moves between a vehicle and a building, the key must be moved rapidly to limit the time window in which a sharpshooter could make a go and utilize a flanking escort of close assurance officers to obstruct the perspective on the expert rifleman and any potential shot that the marksman may take. The utilization of hostile strategies against expert sharpshooters will happen in all respects once in a while in a guardian setting, since it is troublesome for protectors to endeavor to find and shoot back at a far off, hid, or covered rifleman, regardless of whether the security detail has a carbine rifle or checked marksman rifle in the storage compartment of the vehicle.

Pakej Umrah Musim Sejuk


Umrah (ﻋﻤﺮﻩ) ialah menziarahi Baitullah di Makkah dan melakukan ihram, tawaf, sa’i dan bertahallul mengikut tertib.

Umrah adalah fardhu seperti Haji. Ini adalah pendapat al-Imam as-Syafie r.a. yang al-Azhar. Ijmak Ulama mengatakan bahawa hanya wajib dilakukan sekali sepanjang hayat bagi orang yang mampu kecuali orang yang bernazar, maka dia wajib memenuhi nazarnya.

Pakej Umrah Musim Sejuk

Dalil daripada al-Quran ialah firman Allah Taala: Dan sempurnakanlah ibadat Haji dan Umrah kerana Allah (Al-Baqarah 196).

Sabda Nabi yang diriwayatkan Ibnu Majah, Al-Baihaqi dan sanad yang sahih daripada Aisyah r.a. katanya:

Aku berkata : “Wahai Rasullah,apakah wanita wajib berjihad?”. Sabda Baginda: “Ya, jihad yang tiada peperangan padanya iaitu haji dan umrah”.

Niat Ihram, Tawaf dan Sa’i tidak boleh dilakukan di mana-mana tempat lain melainkan di tempat yang ditetapkan. Iaitu niat ihram di Miqat, tawaf 7 pusingan mengelilingi Kaabah di dalam Masjidil Haram dan bersa’i 7 kali bermula di bukit Safa dan berakhir di bukit Marwah. Terakhir sekali bertahallul iaitu bercukur atau mengunting rambut sekurang-kurangnya 3 helai selepas itu, segala larangan dalam Ihram menjadi halal sepertimana sebelum beliau berihram.

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Beza Umrah dengan Haji ialah Umrah boleh dilaksanakan sepanjang tahun tetapi Haji hanya boleh dilakukan pada bulan haji sahaja, dan hari kemuncaknya ialah pada hari Tasyrik 9, 10, 11, 12 di mana jemaah berkumpul di Padang Arafah dan Mina.

Pada zaman sekarang Kerajaan Arab Saudi menetapkan mana jemaah umrah mestilah mengikut muassasah umrah dan memohon visa umrah melalui agensi umrah. Tiada lagi permohonan Visa umrah dapat dilakukan di Kedutaan Arab Saudi secara individu.

Agensi Pelancongon Annaufal Travel & Tours

Annaufal Travel & Tours adalah sebuah syarikat pelancongan (976394-T) yang khusus mengendalikan ibadah Umrah. Annaufal Travel & Tours mula beroperasi dari tahun 2016 sehingga kini. Kami mempunyai pelbagai Pakej Umrah dan Ziarah untuk ditawarkan seperti Pakej Umrah Cuti SekolahPakej Umrah Musim SejukPakej Umrah Ramadhan dan Pakej Umrah VIP. Hubungi kami di Annaufal Travel & Tours untuk keterangan lanjut.

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Tunaikan Ibadah Umrah Musim Sejuk Bersama Annaufal Travel

Sekiranya anda berhajat untuk menunaikan ibadah Umrah dan Ziarah dan ingin mencari agensi syarikat pelancongan yang berwibawa serta berpengalaman, Annaufal Travel & Tours adalah jawapan anda. Pakej Umrah dan ziarah kami menawarkan 3 pakej yang boleh anda lihat dan pilih. 3 pakej tersebut adalah Pakej Ekonomi Sumayya, Pakej Premium Aisha dan Pakej Platinum Khadeja. Pilihlah pakej yang sesuai untuk anda bersama Annaufal Travel & Tours