Doing You a Favor

February 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Seriously,  there are far too many great ideas for wedding favors to possibly be able to choose one.  At the moment I am torn between a few favorites and I can’t figure out which one I love most.  Thus far, I know I want people to be able to eat it…I want it to be unique and I want it to be pretty and did I mention I wanted to be able to eat it?

DIY S’mores

I mean come on…who doesn’t love s’mores?  And furhur more, who doesn’t love to eat s’mores in their car on the way home from an awesome wedding?

Caramel Apples (sorry not sure where I got this picture from)

A good caramel apple is heaven!  The cons of this one however are that they are hard to eat, harder to eat when drunk and hardest to eat in the car.

Apple Pie in a Mason Jar

This was such a super cute and unique idea.  Your own little apple pie in a mason jar that you don’t have to share and can eat all by yourself!!!! Really, seriously, come on. GENIUS.

Hot Cocoa in a Vial

This is such a neat idea.  I am a little concerned that they look like cigars. I can only imagine some of Paul’s drunk friends trying to light and smoke them.  But still, all the sober and more discerning folk would be sure to appreciate them.

This is a serious dilemma of huge proportions…I seriously cannot decide which I love most and doing all of them just isn’t a viable option.  Maybe I should choose when I am less hungry.

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