#31 from the list….CHECK!

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have been remiss in checking off items on my “List”.  I do have a lot going on, but what can be more important that making sure that I am making progress in life?  I am happy to say that I recently learned how to make my mom’s wonderful, delicious, amazing and delightful cheesecakes.  Growing up, watching my mom bake cheesecakes was a normal occurrence in the household.  Holidays were led by my mom asking my brother and I what flavor of cheesecake we would like to have, which was then proceeded by my brother fighting over which flavor to have (I know, middle class white kid problems).  My mom could turn out handfuls of cheesecakes with ease and assured me that they weren’t easy to make. They were seemingly a laborious 2 day process of equal parts care and finesse to avoid the pitfalls of dryness, cracking, sinking or flat out just failing.

Over Thanksgiving my mom ran through the recipe, walked me through each step and then sent me home with the recipe to try on my very own.  I will say that I was quite impressed with how the first ones turned out.  Seems as if Cheesecake making is a passable gene.

Before you go asking, “What is the recipe.” Let me tell you that part of the teaching process of cheesecake making included my mom telling me in no uncertain terms that the recipe is a secret. And while I can’t share the recipe with you, I will tell you that there is one other who knows the recipe as he watched the entire process….but I don’t think he is telling either.

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