Sweet Heart Themed First Birthday Party

March 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

This first birthday party couldn’t have been themed better for the sweetest little 1 year old girl I have ever laid my eyes upon.  I love her so much so that I have already sworn that Logan will marry her.  So, when her mom asked if I would plan her first birthday party, I jumped at the chance.  To boot, her mom’s favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day so the hearts and love theme fit perfectly.  Guests participated in sugar cookie decorating and Valentine making.  A sunny afternoon surrounded by heart, babies and sugar…I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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Baby Shower Time!

April 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had a blast throwing a baby shower for my sis-in-law.  I figure since she is putting all this work into making me a cute little niece, the least I could do is throw her a party.

Friends don’t steal their friends’ friends

March 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Once in middle school when I was sick for one day, I returned the next day to find that two of my friends became overnight best friends.  It seems being absent for one lunchtime was enough for them to decide I wasn’t as awesomely matched as the two of them were.  Because of this trauma, anytime I was sick I did the opposite of most kids-instead of staying home to watch The Price is Right and CHiPs all day, I was more inclined to go to school for fear that what I gained in antibodies, I lost in friends.  Luckily, things circled back and before long I had my friends back and one of them is even still my best friend today.  The older I get the harder it becomes to make friends.  Growing up I had a slew of friends to choose from; the kid who lived next door, the children of my parents friend, the entire 8th grade.  Where I was once able to pick from a pool of hundreds, now there is a kiddie pool and I’m left to sift through and weed out the ones who pee in the pool, the ones who splash too much and the ones who cannot swim to save their life. When you add that with competing adult priorities like children, husbands, wives, other friends, it quickly becomes clear that the business of making friends is tough.

I’m lucky to have a handful of amazing friends.  Friends who understand that I’m sometimes rough around the edges, that I will pummel them with baked goods, that I will knock them off any diet they are on because I cannot eat crappy food alone, and friends who realize my need to be loved despite my many flaws.  My friends are smart, witty, funny and kind, so it should come as no surprise that when introduced to each other they tend to like each other.   These days it is easy for friends to friend one another. They quickly get to first base by “friending” each other on Facebook, soon after they round second base by texting and before I know it they’re sliding into home and going out in real life together to get coffee and a quick movie.  THIS IS NOT OKAY!  And when my friends become friends  I’m inclined to have them enter into a contractual agreement because I am not about to re-live my middle school trauma.  The contract looks something like this:

A- Friends shall not go out together without me being immediately present. In the case that I cannot be present, friends will reschedule to a date where I can be present.

B – Friends can communicate through Facebook but run the risk of me seeing their communication if it is posted on a Wall.  In such case, they will understand that any snarky comment made by me is okay and quite frankly, necessary.

C – Friends will not have more fun with each other than they do with me and should they find they are beginning to like each other more than me, they will immediately terminate their friendship and deny ever knowing one another.

D- Friends will not talk about me when I am not present unless it is to gush about how amazing* I am (*may be substituted with beautiful, funny, skinny or wonderful)

E – Friends can hang out with one another without consequence when it is in the case of planning a surprise birthday for me.  In this case, I actually encourage them to hang out together however the main topic must be focused on the party planning.  Friends also understand that any birthday party must have cream cheese or buttercream frosting immediately present.  Whipped cream frosting on or around anything is grounds for immediate friendship termination.


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