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If you’re getting married, I have your MUST STALK list of blogs that are sure to keep you inspired.  These blogs are amazing and are never in short supply of beautiful things to look at and glean ideas for your wedding from, enjoy!

Oh So Beautiful Paper: Invitations, stationary, calligraphy and more!

Vintage Indie: For the off the beaten path kind of bride

Invitation Crush: Announcement, Save the Dates, and Invite ideas for your special day!

Silverbox Creative Studio: Masterfully laid out designs and typesetting is just one charm this blog has to offer.

OnceWed: A blog focused on everything wedding from DIY to recycled items.

Snippet and Ink: A wonderful feast for your eyes for all things wedding

Ruffled: Perfect for the DIY Indie Bride

100 Layer Cake: Complete coverage of weddings in all flavors

Elizabeth Anne Designs

The Hall of Fame:

These blogs are my absolute favorite blogs to follow.  Full of fresh ideas and charming weddings, I adore these blogs!

Green Wedding Shoes

The Wedding Chicks

Grey Likes Weddings

Sweet and Saucy- Nailed It!

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Are you kidding me with this cake Sweet and Saucy?!?  I haven’t seen a more magnificent cake in my lifetime and I know a lot about cake and I have lived quite a lifetime, so that says a lot.  It also says a lot because I loved my wedding cake, but if I could do it over, I would pick this one and I would eat the crap out of it.  Let me explain for those who have heard about how much I worried about spending money at our wedding, I didn’t want a cake to begin with.  Wedding cakes are undelicious and covered in fondant.  They are expensive and by the time people get around to eating them, they are too drunk to remember what flavor it was.  So, a wedding cake was high up on my expenses chopping block.  But then one of the mom’s said how much she needed a photo of us cutting the cake, and then another person said how important it was to the marriage to have a cake, and then another person said that the cake was what they were looking forward to the most, and then and then and then.  So, it became clear that we were destined to have a cake so I found Sweet and Saucy and compromised.  Well, sort of compromised.  Compromising would be to buy a sheet cake from Costco and fancy it up so that it met the needs to the cake lovers, the cake cutting and those who just HAD to have a cake to enjoy.  But instead, I went for an amazing wedding cake from Sweet and Saucy but one that would only serve 40 people.  This saved significantly on a monstrous gorgeous cake.  Then, I had Sweet and Saucy do a bakery bar with smaller desserts.  Again, cost savings and everyone was happy.  If I had to do it over though, I would have ordered far less than 3 desserts per person, which is what they recommended.  We had a handful of desserts leftover which broke my heart because I firmly believe no dessert should go uneaten…oh and we could have saved some cash too.

Petal stands how-to

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My wedding is one giant DIY project which is equal parts theraputic and equal parts anxiety filled.  Sitting in our garage for hours on end is nice listening to music is nice…and then that is usually broken when Jack decided to come use his garage area to take a stinky poop.  Then the garage becomes less crafty and more hot and stinky.

This weekend, I did my best to blaze through a handful of projects for the wedding.  Finished first were my bakery bar dessert signs.  Here is a little how-to if you are interested in crafting up some of your own.

Step one: Cut a long stip of fabric about 1″ wide.  Cut petal shapes down the entire fabric strip without cutting the strip completely.  This will allow you to be able toglue and wrap the fabric strip without the petals falling apart from one another.

Step 2: After you have cut the petals on the continuous fabric strip, hot glue the bottom of the strip and slowly wrap it, stopping occasionally to add more glue and wrap.

Step 3: Once you have wrapped the entire strip, decide if your flower is large enough or if you need to wrap another petal fabric strip to it.

Step 4: Add a fabric circle to the bottom of the flower to add a little support.  If you are using these for a stand you will want to glue a dowel into the center of the flower and a small wood base to add more support.

Easy peasy!!!

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