Dream Board

My grandmother always use to tell me to make clippings of all the things I dreamed of having so they would come true.  I always thought this was silly but in the hopes she is right, here is my running list of things I wish for should someday I win the lottery or come into a large sum of money from robbing a bank or something benign like that:

A Dyson Animal Vaccum.  I vaccum all the time and know that my carpets are never clean.  With this bad boy my OCD will finally be satiated.

A really comfy, really squishy fat daddy couch from Pottery Barn.  One that fills up the living room, that 12 people can sit on and that is shaped like an “L” so people can fight over the coveted corner spot on movie night.

I’ve always wanted a cool old farmhouse table.  One that is really expensive but looks like it has been in existence since World War II.

A fancy weathered jewelry box to hold the small but lovely collection of jewels I own.

A Lauren Hobo Wallet in Taupe.  Seriously, look up these wallets, they are super huge and cool and have lots of little nooks to lose things in, which normally I would find terribly annoying but for some reason this wallet makes that look incredibly cool.  And, it is $100….which means the wallet costs more than the amount of cash I will ever carry inside of it.

I love these shirts from Rikshaw Designs, they are so comfy looking yet still stylish.

Italian Vintage Baroque Bedding sheets from Restoration Hardware in Fog. They are the perfect mix of fancy yet not too girly.  Sheets that are respectable for both Paul and I to sleep on.

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