Jack’s Bucket List

  • Go to the pet store and buy anything my nose touches for more than 3 seconds
  • Eat an entire pizza by myself
  • Drive down PCH with the windows rolled down
  • Spend a summer day at dog beach
  • Sleep in the big bed that I am not supposed to sleep on
  • Eat a bone that is bigger than my head
  • Be allowed to hump whatever I choose to hump without being yelled at (people, especially company, is excluded from this)
  • Go to a drive-thru and order something special
  • Post the 5 tricks I know how to do on YouTube so the world knows how smart I am
  • Spend a sunny after noon at the park
  • Take a handful of good photos that capture my “essence”
  • Be pet for an entire episode of 30 Rock
  • Take a walk where I am allowed to walk at my own pace, without anyone pulling on my leash telling me it’s time to stop sniffing
  • Have a Sunday breakfast of pancakes and bacon

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