The List

Things I Should Do Before I Go
  1. Go great white cage diving
  2. Go on a safari in Africa
  3. Perform Stand Up Comedy
  4. Fall in love without holding back
  5. Skydive
  6. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  7. Visit Tuscany
  8. Start a bakery
  9. Go dog sledding
  10. Take a road trip across the US
  11. Scuba Dive the Coral Reef
  12. Learn Krav Maga
  13. Write a memoir
  14. Have my very own horse
  15. Own a second home
  16. Own a first home
  17. Get married to someone who makes me feel like Christmas
  18. Give $100 tip to someone when a $10 tip is more than enough
  19. Give up sugar for 30 days
  20. Adopt a dog
  21. Help someone who needs a break
  22. Take a jewelry making class
  23. Teach art to kids
  24. Be a counselor at camp
  25. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  26. Scatter my grandma’s ashes on Court 3
  27. Be in a play as an adult
  28. See a show on Broadway
  29. Pay off my debt
  30. Go on a spa retreat getaway with my mom
  31. learn how to bake my mom’s heavenly cheesecakes
  32. Be a keynote speaker
  33. Write an article for a magazine
  34. Stand on the diving board in Yosemite
  35. See the 7 Wonders of the World
  36. Figure out what the 7 Wonders of the World are
  37. Read 30 books in one year
  38. Paint something worthy of hanging in my house
  39. Hug a clown and stare at its face for 20 seconds
  40. Learn how to make balloon animals
  41. Go Christmas caroling
  42. Learn to juggle
  43. See the Sistine Chapel
  44. Take a 2 week international vacation
  45. Grow my own vegetable garden
  46. Visit a Buddhist temple
  47. Crash a wedding
  48. Donate my hair
  49. Donate blood (checked off the list on June 9, 2010)
  50. Run a marathon
  51. Swim with dolphins
  52. Hold a koala bear
  53. Go to Epcot Center
  54. Meet a historical icon
  55. Take an art class
  56. Grow out my nails
  57. Go on a cattle drive
  58. Learn to knit
  59. Learn to fly fish
  60. Wine taste in Napa
  61. Take a train trip
  62. Swing on a trapeze
  63. Skinny dip
  64. Buy stock on my own
  65. Save 6 months of salary
  66. Go zip lining in the jungle
  67. Build a house for someone
  68. See the Lincoln Memorial at night
  69. See 10 classic B&W movies
  70. Help someone accomplish their dream
  71. March for something I believe in
  72. Drink at a pub in Ireland
  73. Play rugby in New Zealand
  74. Stay in one of those tropical hut hotel rooms where you can see the fish through the floor

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