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Noble Force is a private security official affiliation chose under The Companies Commission of Malaysia with number 556671-W. Great Force has immediately served the Malaysian culture since 10 January 2002, with grant to work the country over under the laws of Section 3, 1971 Private Agency Act No. 27/71.

Created by the board work power with broad military establishment, Noble Force has acted in various synchronization with different regulatory affiliations and experts interweaving achievement with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Today, Noble Force keep developing its framework and has a current of in excess of 100 prosperity official utilized and served gets all through the country.

We recognize that total security isn’t only the immediate closeness of watchmen and patrollers. A proactive methodology for supervising likely dangers before they become dangers is passed on by us.

Fit Manned Guarding

Our kept an eye out for security guards malaysia bundle is made of experienced experts. Their adaptability, extent of limits and capacity to change as per any circumstance deduces they can without a very remarkable stretch mastermind your needs and beat them, as well. Gatekeepers are qualified fire marshals and first aiders, comparably as having stunning social limits meaning you can have sureness everything is leveled out.

Security authorities

We regard giving competent security associations over the Malaysia. During the time we have gotten limits and amassed monstrous information and strength to offer an unparalleled response to security questions.

Regardless of whether it is diverting cheats from present day enrichments or guaranteeing about void structure objectives, our prosperity authorities have the stuff and aptitude concerning sensibly ensuring the two individuals and resources. We’re an acknowledged name in the business and the careful and chose method we take to each loosen up empowers us to give the most immaculately marvelous outcome conceivable.

Night Watch Security

When your staff have get back for the afternoon, who is ensuring your business? Our specific night gatekeepers can consider your property during the night, doing as such with complete limit.

Our staff are all CSG orchestrated and have an abundance of consideration with late evening guarding. They work by and by with cautious CCTV viewing and beneficial, immaculate watches. We have the correct points of interest for deal with any condition or situation.

Security official COMPANY IN MALAYSIA

Statement of purpose

Our central goal is to give insurance and security to our customers through a bespoke assistance adjusted to their particular needs, over the long haul the success and security of the customer’s staff, premises, resources and the overall masses is our most indispensable need.


As an affiliation and as people we respect to the restriction of everything else steadfastness, uprightness, unselfishness, cleaned framework and ordinary regard. We consider ourselves to be trustworthy to our customers, staff and partners by with respect to our commitments, giving outcomes and ceaselessly attempting to give the most amazing security associations.


Being a client centered association, remaining nearby to our customers and to ensure about their homes, working environment and frameworks.

​​Recognizing the significance of open exchanges and building relationship subject to typical reespect with our client’s, representatives and society.

Enrolling and holding the best individuals accessible and broadening open passage for progress through preparing and progress.

Why Choose Us

We aren’t just an alliance offering security authorities or looked out for guarding. An essential number of our staff are ex-military work drive and have given security in some the most sabotaging spots. This experience and the consistent getting ready and reinforce they get makes us one of the fundamental security relationship around.

– Highly experienced and capable security official across Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak.

– All prosperity official are checked and screened for security guard malaysia conditions.

– Robust affiliation structure set up to ensure the most perfectly awesome security affiliations are being given.

– Affordable prosperity authorities without picking quality.

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