Panda vs food take food: which one is better and Cheaper?

Panda vs food take food: which one is better? Cheaper?

In this Pandemi, ordering food online is our first choice to buy our desires. Easy, comfortable, and safer than going outside.

In this blog, we will compare the difference between food pandas and take food to analyze which applications are better to use. I have been using food and food pandas since 2020 and here is my observation.


Both applications are easy to use. It shares the same market product services and food delivery, and for pickup. Grab offers more services such as Grab Express, Load, Car Services, Shopping, Bill Payment, and more.

In Panda Food, you can improve your account to Panda Pro. This is a premium account with more offers and offers. However, he has a monthly subscription.

Food pandas have fault and bug updates are more often than taking. Some coupons in food pandas sometimes not function.

In finding a restaurant, Grab will show you all branches near you, while in food panda, they will only show one branch almost all the time.

This is not a good feature if you use a food panda. If you plan to use FP for a long time, you will see that you will not like services for certain branches, maybe small portions and other errors, you must stick to the branch unless the FP search bar shows other branches.

Grab has a more accurate search bar.

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Navigation Location of Panda Food Applications is not good at all! This is inaccurate and only shows the gray -gray box block. Most of the addresses that I am looking for are not displayed in the application. Plus, the driver might ask you what your address is even after you order.

This is not a driver’s error, this application shows an inaccurate location and if the application detects that your driver is near you, there is a possibility that the transaction will be automatically completed, and your location will be deleted from the driver application.

Not biased, but take a good and more accurate PIN location system than FP.

I have not experienced a mistake by taking about their GPS.

Product price

Grab has a product that is more expensive than a food panda. Note that both applications increase the price of several products occasionally.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs at FP are much cheaper than taking. The cheapest shipping cost of panda food is around 19 pesos. For the same distance, FP collects me 39 Pesos Fee Fee F.

Shipping speed

Food panda drivers send my orders faster than reaching.

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Some food drivers are better than some FP drivers.

Not to not respect all the panda drivers of food but this is what I experienced with both sides.

But you will rarely meet with Hotheaded drivers, I don’t mind ordering for both services because of their drivers.

Communication with the driver

In the Panda food application, the driver’s message is automatically translated into English.

I can communicate well with drivers using both applications. However, taking shows more details about the driver when ordering food.